Are You Being Brainwashed By Your Science Textbook?

Dr. Kent Hovind September 23rd, 2010

Brainwashing: Indoctrination into a new set of beliefs by use of force or deception.

Evolution: Theory that has six stages. See Eric’s Creation Minute on the “Six Types of Evolution.”

Science: Knowledge gained by observation, testing, and experimentation.

I hate being lied to! After teaching high school science for fifteen years and speaking on the topic of creation/evolution over 800 times per year for another fifteen years, and after 90 public debates with professors who believe in evolution, I am convinced that all of the “evidences” that are currently being used to support the evolution theory are errors. Most have been proven wrong many years ago. These errors are being kept in textbooks because someone wants you to believe their pet theory that we all came from a rock that came from nothing 18 billion years ago. Sometime is trying to brainwash you using your own science textbook.

Here are some of the lies that you will encounter in your textbooks:

  • The Grand Canyon took millions of years to form (See Eric’s Creation Minute on the Grand Canyon).
  • The geologic column is a fact.
  • Natural selection causes evolution.
  • Vestigial structures exist.
  • Dinosaurs evolved into birds.
  • The Earth is billions of years ago.

I won’t go into detail here, but I explain all of these lies (and many more) in “Lies in the Textbooks” (watch for free) and in my booklet, Are You Being Brainwashed.