Creation Update: Traveling Creation Outreach

Eric Hovind August 11th, 2013

Creation Update from Canada

It is such a blessing to see Creation Ministries from around the world serving their communities and presenting the life changing truth of the Gospel to a lost and dying world. Creation speaker and writer, Vance Nelson of Creation Truth Ministries in Alberta, Canada, tours with his traveling  Creation Museum. Taking this unique museum to churches and communities, they teach creation facts to the next generation. You may remember Vance from his amazing book Dire Dragons,  must-have, high quality, coffee table book for your home. Vance literally traveled to countries around the world documenting the amazing connection between dinosaurs and dragons!

Watch Evolution vs God FREE!

Eric Hovind August 6th, 2013

Evolution vs God is now available absolutely FREE on YouTube. Watch Below.

Creation Today and the Creation Store have partnered with Way of the Master and Living Waters to bring you Evolution vs God. We are thankful for this resource and pray that it will help impact the lives of millions with the Gospel. Evolutionists want to keep their dirty little secret hidden, but Ray shines the light right on it! There is no evidence for Darwinian Evolution.

Update: Taping at TBN Network!

Eric Hovind August 2nd, 2013

Recording for the Exciting New TBN Network Show with David Rives

Creation in the 21st Century  August 2, 2013

God’s Glory Live at 4pm and 7pm.

Eric Hovind July 30th, 2013

God’s Glory World Premiere 4pm and 7pm Central Time. 

Mega Conference – Stupendous!

Eric Hovind July 29th, 2013

AiG Mega Conference – Stupendous!

Creation Today Tables at MegaConference

Eighteen Foot Rex Hits Sevierville, Tennessee at the AiG Mega Conference Registration!

Eric Hovind July 22nd, 2013

We are enjoying the Creation Conference

AiG Mega Conference bursting with excitement in the packed auditorium!

AiG Mega Conference bursting with excitement in the packed auditorium!


Evolution Leads to Socialism, Godonomics Leads to Capitalism

Eric Hovind July 15th, 2013

Exclusive Interview with Chad Hovind on Godonomics


Driving to New Jersey!

Eric Hovind July 11th, 2013

July 11, 2013
Driving to New Jersey!