Straw Men Against the Flood

Paul Taylor May 31st, 2013

As my latest book, Don’t Miss the Boat—a detailed but non-technical book about the Flood—is due to be published in about a month, I thought it would be a good idea to look at some accusations that people level against the historicity of the Flood. I came across this set of questions on a web forum:

In Memory of Duane Gish

Paul Taylor March 6th, 2013


ICR’s website greeted the news of the passing of Duane Gish as “a mixture of sorrow and thankfulness”. That sums up the reaction of all of us involved in creation ministry.

Cross Encounters Radio

Paul Taylor February 18th, 2013

I was a guest on Cross Encounters Radio on Sunday February 17th 2013, being interviewed by presenter Tony Miano.

The Hermeneutics of Sin

Paul Taylor January 30th, 2013

The blogospheres on both sides of the Atlantic are this week buzzing with the news that Britain’s most well-known and influential Baptist pastor has published a magazine article in support of what he refers to as “monogamous same-sex relationships.”1 The pastor in question, Steve Chalke, has form on the issue of controversial comments, two others of which are mentioned below.

Abortion Statistics for England and Wales

Paul Taylor January 23rd, 2013

As the 40th anniversary of the infamous Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision has recently passed, I recalled that I had recently seen some statistics on abortions in England and Wales. Sometimes, statistics presented unemotionally, with very little comment, can present a case powerfully. I hope that no one is in doubt about my opposition to abortion. You can find the reasons for this in one of my chapters in The New Answers Book 3[1]. I also wrote an article to mark the 40th anniversary of the passing of the UK’s Abortion Act (1967)[2].

No Creation in British Free Schools

Paul Taylor December 4th, 2012

New guidelines have been issued by the British Government on how monies given by the Department for Education should be spent only on schools that teach evolution in science lessons. These rules apply to the new so-called Free Schools, which are operated by individuals, co-operatives of parents, non-profit companies and religious organizations. Radical atheists have been determined to tie the hands of Free Schools, which are operated by evangelical churches and organizations. Writing in the Guardian newspaper, Andrew Copson, Chief Executive of the British Humanist Association, stated:

Dear Michelle: Ussher Was Right

Paul Taylor November 29th, 2012

An open letter to the concerned lady who called The 700 Club a few days ago, asking what she should say to her sons, who are questioning the Bible because of its perceived failure to explain dinosaurs.

The Prophecy of Abel

Paul Taylor November 26th, 2012

Jesus described Abel as a prophet.