Bacteria as a Hard Drive

Eric Hovind January 17th, 2011

Saw this article on Holy Kaw:

Bacteria work as hard drives

A group of students at Hong Kong’s Chinese University have developed a way to store complex information in bacteria. Biostorage—the art of storing and encrypting information in living organisms—is a young field, having existed for only about a decade.

This opens up an alternate way to save text, images, music,and even video within living cells. One gram of bacteria could store the same amount of information as 450 2,000-gigabyte hard disks.

Full story at Discovery News

My thoughts

Ok, and we are supposed to believe in evolution—that these things evolved over billions of years from nothing? Wow, whose thinking is messed up? Could it be that God designed the bacteria?

It is amazing that the human body has on average 50 trillion cells, each one more complex than the space shuttle. Every night 50 billion of them replace themselves! Wow, go God!