Contest Winner!

Eric Hovind October 2nd, 2012

We recently had a contest to see who could produce the best 30 second commercial for the Proof of God conference!

An advance preview of the Six Days of Genesis

Eric Hovind September 20th, 2012

I’m absolutely excited to announce the soon-coming arrival of Paul Taylor’s new exhaustive DVD series, The Six Days of Genesis. If you’ve read his book by the same title, you know you’re in for a fascinating, in-depth study of the creation week.

Free Proof of God Tickets For Pastors

Eric Hovind September 17th, 2012

Dear Pastor,

The Real Way Dinosaurs Died Off Is a “Gas”

Eric Hovind September 15th, 2012

You have probably heard about the theory that is circulating now that Dinosaurs killed themselves off with their own gasses!  That is right, flatulence is what actually killed the dinosaurs. Believe it or not, this idea is actually not new. Back in 1995 the Young Oxford Book of The Prehistoric World by Jill Bailey and Tony Seddon, made the suggestion that the dinosaurs had killed themselves off with their own Flatulence.

Bill Nye Falls Flat

Paul Taylor September 14th, 2012

A little while ago, I blogged about Bill Nye’s nonsensical comments on creationism. Well, it appears that he has been making even more foolish and ill-informed comments on the subject of attempting to ban creationism from education.

Reason Rally 2012: Are They Reasonable?

Eric Hovind September 12th, 2012

You’re on the Winning Team

Do you find it hard to debate an atheist? So many times we think that it is because they are so smart and we just have our blind faith in God. We think we’d better not approach them for fear of having our faith shattered by the evidence that an atheist would present.

The Most Embarrassing Question Ever

Eric Hovind September 12th, 2012

I remember the first time I was asked the dreaded question in a public arena. I had flown out to California to speak in the large Calvary Chapel of about 4,000 people, with a question-and-answer time afterwards. I had just spoken on lies in the textbooks and covered the idea that vestigial organs are not proof of evolution. After answering several questions, it was an outspoken evolutionist in the back of the auditorium that raised his hand and asked the dreaded question:

Distant Starlight in a Young Universe

Eric Hovind September 11th, 2012

You certainly don’t have to be involved in Creation Ministry apologetics for long before you start getting questions about distant starlight. Recently, we had the privilege of having Dr. G Charles Jackson in studio for a couple of Creation Today episodes. In between shots, he sat down and gave us a brief explanation of a theory put forth by Dr. Russell Humphreys. Let me know what you think.