Richard Dawkins – World’s Most Famous “Atheist?”

Eric Hovind February 28th, 2012

Richard Dawkins, heralded as the world’s most famous atheist, just denied being a full-blown atheist. In a conversation at Oxford University with Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams, Dawkins makes the claim that he does not consider himself to be an atheist, but instead an agnostic.

Green Acres, Reimagined

Eric Hovind February 26th, 2012

Tonight I watched a couple of TV specials on organic farming versus Genetically Modified (GM) foods. I have heard quite a bit about both the negative and positives of GM foods and find myself fascinated with the topic. The scientific breakthroughs that have made it possible to take an isolated gene of an animal or insect and splice that gene into a plant is a really neat science experiment all by itself and, while I don’t have all my questions answered concerning GM food from the special, I did find myself feeling incredibly connected to the idea of growing my own food. Farm after farm, I watched as people picked, dug up, and harvested beautiful fruits and vegetables that grew in their own soil. I couldn’t help but think that, from the beginning of time, God has given man the great blessing of working in the dirt. Remember, Genesis 2:5 tells us that God put man in the Garden of Eden to dress it and keep it. W-O-R-K is not a four-letter word with a negative meaning. Work was part of God’s original plan; it was not part of the curse, despite what you and I might want to believe.

A Weekend in Enterprise

Eric Hovind February 22nd, 2012

This past weekend, God gave me the opportunity to speak in Enterprise, Alabama, at County Line Baptist Church. For this trip, I was privileged to take my second daughter, Angie, along. My brother, Kent, also came to videotape some of the meetings, and Daniel Johnson was there to help me with the book table.

Genesis: The Doctrinal Elephant in the Room (Interview with Paul Taylor)

Creation Today February 20th, 2012

Our own Paul Taylor participated in a fascinating interview this weekend with The Christian Worldview’s David Wheaton. Listen as Paul explains why Genesis provides the basis for the most important biblical doctrines such as the trinity, deity of Christ, salvation and the inerrancy of Scripture.

Hook, Line and Stinking Liar

Eric Hovind February 6th, 2012

A Date Night with PBS

“I can’t believe she just said that.” Those are the words that came out of my wife’s mouth at the end of a PBS documentary on sharks. To be honest, I was surprised she even sat there and watched it with me. She typically leaves the Nova and Discovery Channel programs to me while she goes and does something a little more productive.

John MacKay Debates Professor of Philosophy

Eric Hovind January 27th, 2012

Update from Down Under

Just received an update from our friend down under, Creation speaker John McKay. He participated in a debate last night against atheist Dr. Dan Ryder, professor of philosophy, on the topic “be it resolved that the genetic and fossil evidence supports the evolution model and refutes the biblical creation model”. Ryder defended the evolution worldview and even admitted that he pretended to believe in God to avoid answering the question of abiogenesis. I wanted to share his report with you.

The “Evolution” of Origami

Eric Hovind January 25th, 2012

In my biology class at Tennessee Temple University, I sat next to a young man from China named Daniel. During the entire first semester as he listened to the lectures, he would make paper swans — cute little origami swans. Some were so small that they could fit on the end of an eraser. I asked him why he kept making them and he told me that he was going to get engaged when he got back home. With a big smile on his face, he pulled out a picture of his girlfriend and showed it to me. I teased him by saying, “There is no way she will say yes to you,” then I asked, “What are the swans for?” He said that one tradition in China is to provide 5,000 origami swans as a symbol of your love. I thought WOW! That has to take some time. He had been working on them for eight months. I was really impressed and hoped that his labor was not in vain, if you know what I mean!

UK Science Teaching Takes a Step Backward

Paul Taylor January 24th, 2012

Science education is not merely about cramming students with scientific facts. Indeed, it is not primarily about facts. Good science education is about training children to think scientifically, and this involves the usual scientific processes of building hypotheses and critically testing hypotheses. Most of the scientific information given to students during high school years is not actually factual, but the result of sophisticated theoretical development of ideas over time.