The Dam Evidence of the Flood

Eric Hovind January 20th, 2012

The Massive Science Experiment

Paul Taylor just sent me an article by a friend of the ministry, Tas Walker. This past October the 100 -year-old Condit Dam was abandoned. To drain the reservoir behind the dam a hole was blasted in the base that allowed the reservoir to be drained completely within two hours. This huge science experiment shows great evidence of what could have happened during and after the flood!

Fools Among Sharks

Eric Hovind January 13th, 2012

Could it be respect?

It is a mark of respect, ironically, to be singled out by your adversary. I was surprised and a little tickled to find that PZ Myers had written a blog entitled “Also, the sharks are smarter than Eric Hovind.” Mr. Myers was apparently not impressed with the blog I wrote last week on the hybrid sharks found off the coast of Australia. You see, some scientists suggested that this hybrid shark was excellent proof for evolution; I simply pointed out that going from a shark to a shark is not evolution. True evolution would require so much more, like changing from a shark to a dog. However, Mr. Myers was quick to express his excitement over the shark discovery, saying, “This is an excellent example of evolution.”

Richard Dawkins, the “Grinch”

Eric Hovind January 9th, 2012

A friend of mine, Larry Taunton, President of Fixed Point Foundation, wrote an article for USA Today on Richard Dawkins that I really enjoyed. His article was entitled, “The atheist who tried to steal Christmas”. This past Christmas Richard Dawkins was on the evangelism circuit again with a new 271-page book for young people entitled The Magic of Reality.  His book is an attempt to show children that all religions are absolutely absurd fairytales.

Australia’s Hybrid Shark Means “Evolution In Action?”

Eric Hovind January 5th, 2012

It all started on Facebook …

The “Thinking” Atheist

Eric Hovind January 3rd, 2012

I was asked to listen to a YouTube video of podcast #12 from TheThinkingAtheist channel, where the show is devoted to asking atheists this question, “Are atheists wasting their time debating the existence of God?” I couldn’t help but respond to that question.

New Years Resolutions: For Atheists

Eric Hovind January 1st, 2012



What Darwin Never Knew

Eric Hovind December 28th, 2011

Last night I watched a show from Nova on PBS called “What Darwin Never Knew.“ It went into the life of Darwin and what he did not know even though he came up with this “amazing theory of evolution.” While I enjoyed the videography of the film, the script was, if I can use my British partner’s term, “total rubbish.” Pushing evolution every chance they had, it just made me angry how many people are getting indoctrinated with the ideas of evolution. The show went into how modern-day genetics has found undiscovered switches that are able to turn genes on and off. Then they jumped to the total illogical conclusion that these “switches” are responsible for the evolutionary history of man from fish. Don’t get me wrong: what genetics is producing these days is absolutely amazing. The fact that we can go into the genome and find out what genes are responsible for what character traits is absolutely fascinating. Finding out which genes are turned off that really should be turned on to take away a mutation is very exciting. For someone who loves science and loves building, the idea of engineering biological life is fascinating, to say the least.

Organic Molecules on Pluto?

Eric Hovind December 23rd, 2011

In the news recently, FOXNews ran a title “Hubble telescope spots complex organic molecules on surface of Pluto.” Here we go again — another deceptive title. How can a telescope that is orbiting the Earth see any organic molecules on what was once the furthest planet away from the sun? As you read the article, what you find is it appears Pluto is absorbing more ultraviolet light than expected. The article goes on to say this may be because of organic molecules on the service of Pluto.