Ministry in Oregon

Paul Taylor October 27th, 2011

I have just returned from a week of ministry in Oregon, accompanied by my son, Adam.

“The Six Days of Genesis” Sneak Peak!

Eric Hovind October 11th, 2011

Please excuse us if we’re a little quiet this week. We are a bit preoccupied filming a brand-new curriculum, “The Six Days of Genesis.”  In this six-part series, Paul Taylor expounds upon days one through six of creation, giving powerful truths throughout.

Thoughts on Life and Death

Eric Hovind September 27th, 2011

The other day I got to talk to my father-in-law about life and death. He has a condition called myasthenia gravis. This disease makes his muscles weak and deteriorated and sometimes this causes them to give out totally. A few months ago he fell four times because his leg muscles would give out on him. I asked him if he was able to catch himself and he said it depends on if he falls backward or forward. As he smiled at me with his now slightly puffy face because of all the prednizone they are giving him he said, “If I fall backward I am like a bug that can not turn over.”

Sir David Attenborough’s Anti-Science Position

Paul Taylor September 21st, 2011

The majority of discoveries of the modern scientific era were made by people who believed the book of Genesis to be true.1 Does this not matter to education? Most of these scientists saw their work as not being separate from their faith in God and their acceptance of biblical truth. Should children not be taught that such discoveries were made entirely because of the scientists’ belief in the truth of Scripture?

Rejecting the God of the Bible

Eric Hovind September 21st, 2011

Part of being a fully devoted follower of Christ means that you are willing to tell others what you believe and why you believe it.  Jesus Christ Himself commanded us to spread the Gospel.”Now if there is one thing I have learned over the years from spreading the Gospel and defending my faith, it is that people who love their sin more than God will do anything to reject the God of the Bible” (Mark 16:15).  I have been reflecting on the different ways people go about doing this and have written down a few of their tactics.

Filming Six Days in Three Days

Paul Taylor September 20th, 2011

Over the first three days of last week, we filmed a pre-shoot version of my new DVD curriculum series, “The Six Days of Genesis.” This is based on my book of the same title. The idea is to present six talks based on the text of Genesis chapters 1 and 2, outlining current creationist thought framed around a biblical exposition.

A Twitter Conversation

Eric Hovind September 3rd, 2011

Okay, I am not really great at using Twitter, but I had an interesting conversation this past Friday with a young lady named Paula that I thought I should share with you. It all started when I stated that “faith” is a foundation for reasoning, not the end of it. Well, don’t ever try to tell an atheist that statement unless you are ready for a tongue lashing; or in this case a twitter attack. Yes, I was up late and my wife wished I was in bed!  Perhaps this will help someone else.

An Educated Fool

Paul Taylor September 1st, 2011

Richard Dawkins is well-known for his lack of logic in his diatribes against Christians, and especially against creationists. One American politician has recently, famously, cast doubt on the theory of evolution. This made the retired Oxford professor’s blood boil. Writing in the Washington Post: