Creation Today State of the Ministry Address

Eric Hovind December 23rd, 2013

Update on Creation Today.

Dinosaur DVD

Eric Hovind December 21st, 2013

Learn the truth about Dinosaurs in 34 minutes!

You can always get the full 60 minute version on DVD HERE.

Duck Dynasty Quoting Corinthians

Paul Taylor December 19th, 2013

High School Science
I have to confess: I have never actually watched Duck Dynasty yet. Maybe I will put that sin of omission right one day soon. Judging by the proliferation of bearded red-neck dolls in Walmart, I may be in a minority.

The Holy Spirit in Creation

Paul Taylor December 13th, 2013

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. The Scriptures teach us that God is a Trinity—He is three persons, but one God. I explained this concept in detail, and how the doctrine is reflected in Genesis, in the first chapter of my book, No Time for Itching Ears.

Atheists Want Pure but Poor Education

Paul Taylor December 12th, 2013

High School Science

Bill Nye Helps Evolution vs God Movie

Eric Hovind December 6th, 2013

Bill Nye helped distribute 1000 Evolution vs God DVD’s

When I heard that Bill Nye was going to be at the University of Florida, I called up my friend Ray Comfort in California. He immediately said that he would help supply 1000 copies of Evolution vs God to pass out at the event. (BTW: If you haven’t supported Living Waters and their many outreaches, I highly recommend them as a ministry worthy of your support.)

Genesis 3D Update

Eric Hovind December 3rd, 2013

Christians Want Genesis 3D Movie This Badly…

On September 19th, Creation Today, Kingdom Works Studios, Resurrection Pictures and Sevenfold Films invited you to be a part of a new project that will change the way people look at the foundation of God’s Word. As the very first biblical 3D movie on the creation, Genesis 3D will make history. How badly do people want this movie produced? We are blown away that nearly 2300 Christians from around the world have paved the way to finish production of Genesis 3D by providing $272,359 in financial support! We give thanks for the many people who have partnered with us to make this film a reality.

Why I’m Thankful…

Eric Hovind November 26th, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

With this week being Thanksgiving, I want to share with you what I think is the most amazing part of ministering here at Creation Today. We are blessed to receive hundreds of testimonies from around the world and they come in on a daily basis. These are what give us a reason to celebrate all that God is doing as we continue to serve him! I especially love the ones in broken English as people from around the globe communicate what God has done in their lives because of the ministry of Creation Today!