Celebrating the Son Rise

Eric Hovind March 29th, 2013

Sunrise from airplane 03/2013Have you ever considered just how awesome a sunrise truly is?

35,000 Specimen Butterfly Collection

Eric Hovind March 13th, 2013

Video Blog: David Fine, Butterfly Expert


Thanks for reading and thanks for praying.

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In Memory of Duane Gish

Paul Taylor March 6th, 2013


ICR’s website greeted the news of the passing of Duane Gish as “a mixture of sorrow and thankfulness”. That sums up the reaction of all of us involved in creation ministry.

A Foundational Teaching

Eric Hovind February 22nd, 2013

Paul Taylor and I recently had the privilege of interviewing Ken Ham while he was speaking at a creation event in Mobile, Alabama. Our interview with Ken will be aired on an upcoming Creation Today Show episode. Ken has been involved in creation ministry for the past 35 years. He has watched our culture’s morality erode right out from under us and he understands exactly what the battle is really about.

Cross Encounters Radio

Paul Taylor February 18th, 2013

I was a guest on Cross Encounters Radio on Sunday February 17th 2013, being interviewed by presenter Tony Miano.

Christians Beware of the New BioShock Video Game

Eric Hovind February 12th, 2013

When is a game no longer a game? I was just informed by Carl Kerby Jr that next month a new video game will be released that has lots of people talking.

The Hermeneutics of Sin

Paul Taylor January 30th, 2013

The blogospheres on both sides of the Atlantic are this week buzzing with the news that Britain’s most well-known and influential Baptist pastor has published a magazine article in support of what he refers to as “monogamous same-sex relationships.”1 The pastor in question, Steve Chalke, has form on the issue of controversial comments, two others of which are mentioned below.