Grand Canyon Rim Tour & Rafting Trip, Flagstaff, AZ

3 Days, 3 Speakers, 1 Unforgettable Experience

Visit one of the seven wonders of the world and turn it into the trip of a lifetime.

Click here to register. *Registration ends Friday May 22nd.

Don’t miss your chance to join Creationist Russ Miller of Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries, along with Eric Hovind of Creation Today and Mark Spence of Living Waters, for this once-in-a-lifetime trip!  A two-day Christian & Creation-based tour of one the most beautiful and fascinating places in the world – The Grand Canyon!  You will explore the absolute evidence for the world wide flood, learn how to share our faith in Christ with others more effectively, and enjoy a vacation that will make memories for a lifetime!  The trip is scheduled over Memorial Day weekend to allow more people to attend without having to miss work.
“I’ve been to Grand Canyon 10 times but never has its wonder been more apparent than when viewing it from a Biblical perspective.” Al Spires
This is a great getaway weekend! You’ll arrive on Friday in Phoenix, Arizona, and spend the night. We’ll view the Grand Canyon, study the facts, walk the south rim and take a fun raft trip down the Colorado River! You’ll learn how the Biblical flood of Noah ties into the canyon’s history and see/touch rocks from original earth created on Day One and Day Three!
Youth and Adults Welcome! Whether you’re young or old, this is a great, succinct tour of the Grand Canyon from a Biblical perspective. Come as a couple, a family, an individual or youth group and you’ll be armed with science and knowledge to defend the Biblical account of Noah and the worldwide flood . . . critical for our youth today and exciting for Believers of all ages.

The Grand Canyon is one of the pillars for evolutionary thought. It is an indoctrination station that is teaching people to reject God and embrace the idea of millions of years. I want you to do something about it. Join me and my friends on an amazing adventure that will show you the truth of how Grand Canyon formed and how it is actually a reminder of God’s judgments on sin. Mark Spence from Living Waters and Russ Miller from Creation Evolution & Science Ministries are teaming up with Creation Today to give you this trip of a lifetime. After your experience, I want to give you a DVD that you can take back to your friends and family so that you can share the truth with them. Together we will reach many with the truth of God through His creation.  - Eric Hovind

Register Early And Save $20: Send in your registration by January 31 and we’ll take $20 off the cost of your trip. So talk to your family and friends and put this trip on the calendar! It will be a weekend of a lifetime with scenery that can’t be captured, incredible teaching and lots of fun. How to Register: Simply fill out the Registration form and mail or fax to CESM (Creation, Evolution and Science Ministries). We’ll send you a confirmation and balance due. You can pay your deposit by check or debit/credit card. We’ll send you a confirmation and begin working on your flights from you hometown if you wish.

Mark the dates on your calendar!  For immediate registration, contact Russ or Joanna Miller: or (928) 774-8074.  You can also fill out and mail in this registration form.   Read more details here. The tentative schedule is:

  • Arrive in Flagstaff on Friday, May 23rd
  • Rafting Trip on Saturday, May 24th
  • Rim Tour on Sunday, May 25th
  • Travel home Monday, May 26th

You’ll arrive in Phoenix on Friday for an overnight included in your trip package. We’ll end our trip back at Phoenix to spend Sunday night so you can fly home on Monday (Memorial Day) —a great four-day weekend trip. The price includes three hotel nights, Grand Canyon tours, guided raft trip on the Colorado River, meals from breakfast Saturday through breakfast Monday.


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