Hickory, NC


Contact: Jeff Setzer
(828) 238-0016

When: February 10-12, 2014   Admission is free.

Monday through Wednesday evenings at 7 pm.
Tuesday & Wednesday mornings at 10 am.

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Where: Faith Baptist Church
2310 16th Street Northeast
Hickory, NC 28601

Who: Stephen Lawwell, Dan Breeding, and Jeff Setzer are the featured speakers at the 2nd annual Southeast Baptist Creation Fellowship!

Stephen Lawwell received his undergraduate degree (B.Sc.) in Computer Science from Middle Tennessee State University in 1995 and a Masters of Theology (Th.M.) from Baptist College of America and Theological Seminary in 2007. Mr. Lawwell’s research into the subjects of creation and evolution, which began in 1991, led to the formation of the Victory Baptist School of Creation Science in Shelbyville, Tennessee in 2001 and Echoes of Eden in 2007.

There, along with his wife Barbie and two daughters, Savannah and Emma, Mr. Lawwell is active in various local church ministries and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Life Worth Living Ministries and God Quest.


Dan Breeding began working with animals at the age of thirteen on a farm in IL. He worked with livestock such as cattle, sheep, hogs and a few horses. He is a graduate of the Moorpark College Exotic Animal Training and Management Program in Ventura, California.

Upon graduating from the Exotic Animal Program he began an apprenticeship under an ape trainer at Going Ape in Auburn, California. He maintained and cared for fourteen chimpanzees and one orangutan. During this time Dan also volunteered at a non-profit organization called Wild Things, Wildlife Assemblies. He also occasionally freelanced for Animals in Action of Los Angeles where he gained experience with an African elephant, Bengal tiger, and pygmy hippopotamus.

Before the birth of Wild Animal Encounters, Inc. Dan worked for a short time at Silver Springs Attractions. During this short time he assisted in the catch-up and relocation of twenty-five crocodilians representing eleven species. He also worked with several species of raptors, including a bald and golden eagle.

Dan now resides with wife Debbie and three children Taylor, Rachel, and Logan in Raleigh, North Carolina where he also runs a Christian wildlife outreach called Creatures of Creation.

Since 1994, Jeff & Heather Setzer have served churches conducting summer vacation Bible schools. In 1997, they began to see the foundational importance of creationism to the family and how this subject is critical to an individual’s world view and to society as a whole. In 2000, they introduced their first creation theme, Dino Might. Since then, they have produced four more creation themes: Mountain Mysteries, Secrets of the Sea, Wilderness Wonders, and Jungle Tales. In addition, they conduct conferences, provide creation materials, and serve in music ministry.

For more information about this conference, visit Wilderness Wonders.


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