Bill Nye Helps Evolution vs God Movie

Eric Hovind December 6th, 2013

Bill Nye helped distribute 1000 Evolution vs God DVD’s

When I heard that Bill Nye was going to be at the University of Florida, I called up my friend Ray Comfort in California. He immediately said that he would help supply 1000 copies of Evolution vs God to pass out at the event. (BTW: If you haven’t supported Living Waters and their many outreaches, I highly recommend them as a ministry worthy of your support.)

Update: Taping at TBN Network!

Eric Hovind August 2nd, 2013

Recording for the Exciting New TBN Network Show with David Rives

Creation in the 21st Century  August 2, 2013

Mega Conference – Stupendous!

Eric Hovind July 29th, 2013

AiG Mega Conference – Stupendous!

Creation Today Tables at MegaConference

Eighteen Foot Rex Hits Sevierville, Tennessee at the AiG Mega Conference Registration!

Eric Hovind July 22nd, 2013

We are enjoying the Creation Conference

AiG Mega Conference bursting with excitement in the packed auditorium!

AiG Mega Conference bursting with excitement in the packed auditorium!


Proof of God Conference Recap

Eric Hovind November 13th, 2012

Just in case you missed it, we had an amazing time of teaching, fun and fellowship at the Proof of God Conference last month in Orlando. Having the opportunity to share the stage with such powerful speakers (Ken Ham, Mark Spence, Carl Kerby, Paul Taylor & Sye TenBruggencate) was truly a great honor for me. Oh, how I wish we could do something like this every month. Then, maybe those of you who weren’t there could find a way to come be a part of the fun, too. Stay tuned to our youtube channel for the next few weeks because we’ll be uploading more and more footage from the Conference as we come across it. Don’t forget, though, even if you weren’t at the actual Conference, you can still own it for yourself on dvd. Check out these videos for a glimpse of what you missed.

Free Proof of God Tickets For Pastors

Eric Hovind September 17th, 2012

Dear Pastor,

Liking Itching Ears

Paul Taylor June 11th, 2012

As an author, I like to check where my books are being sold and often check on their Amazon listings. It was amusing to find that the Amazon algorithm had recommended a useful product for people who were buying my new book, No Time for Itching Ears. It suggested that they buy a cream that treats fungal infections in your ear!

Why Are You a Christian?

Eric Hovind April 19th, 2012

Can you defend your faith in the God of the Bible? If you are a Christian, you are commanded to do just that. Better start getting ready.