Atheists Want Pure but Poor Education

Paul Taylor December 12th, 2013

High School Science

Atheist Monument Used As Platform to Preach Gospel

Eric Hovind July 3rd, 2013

Eric-on-Atheist-Monument-Starke-FLBackground to the Boldness

The new DVD How to Answer the Fool was released less than 2 months ago and is already sweeping across the apologetic community with jaw dropping results. Christians have been emboldened to share their faith and are learning how to defend it just like the Scriptures commanded. I was able to put the teaching into practice last Saturday at the unveiling of the nations first monument to the religion of Atheism in the history of the United States. The monument was placed in Starke, FL just outside the Bradford County Court House with 200 – 300 atheists in attendance.


Eric Hovind November 6th, 2012

Sometimes, it’s fun to see just how much attention we seem to get from the supposed ‘atheists’ of the world. Here’s a good example of that.
Some of the ‘anti-God’ crowd on youtube like to get together once a year and decide on who wins the Golden Crocoduck Award. This award goes to the person who is the most extreme violator of the 9th Commandment (lying) while being in support of the Creationist agenda. The strange thing, though, is that these people have no reason to believe that lying is wrong. Yet, they’re so offended by what I have to say that they decide to give me an award for it? That’s very amusing, to say the least.
You can check it out for yourself as I made a video of my acceptance speech here on our youtube channel. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section below the video. You’ll also be able to notice the hateful comments left by those who rage against God. Don’t forget to pray for them while you’re there. Remember, God is the only one who can bring them to true repentance.

Reason Rally 2012: Are They Reasonable?

Eric Hovind September 12th, 2012

You’re on the Winning Team

Do you find it hard to debate an atheist? So many times we think that it is because they are so smart and we just have our blind faith in God. We think we’d better not approach them for fear of having our faith shattered by the evidence that an atheist would present.

Some Atheists Believe that the Earth could be flat

Eric Hovind April 30th, 2012

At the Reason Rally in Washington DC this atheist admits that he believes the earth could be flat!

Aron Ra at the Reason Rally

Eric Hovind April 27th, 2012

Atheists expose the fact that their problem with the God of the Bible is not an intellectual issue, but an emotional issue. In this interview Aaron exposes his emotional hatred for God and his adamant unwillingness to worship God.

Reason Rally Interview with Greydon Square

Eric Hovind April 25th, 2012

Some people wonder why I did not push Greydon any farther than I did, but listen carefully to the interview and you will see that he had already contradicted himself and his worldview then fell apart. He shrugs it off as the result of a “Trick Question” but in reality his failing worldview had been exposed.

Run and Hide

Eric Hovind April 23rd, 2012

Why is it that so many people run and hide from the truth? I was having a twitter conversation with Steve known on twitter as @Steveufc and he retreated quickly from a simple question that would expose the truth of his arguments. See if you can see the problem here.