Is Teaching Children Creation “Child Abuse”?

Eric Hovind December 23rd, 2013

The words we choose to use critically affect the psychological mind game played while opposing worldviews battle for their version of “truth.” For example, during the last four decades, we have observed the “Pro-Choice” vs. “Anti-Abortion” battle taking place.  Or should we call it the “Pro-Life” vs “Pro-Death” battle?

The Holy Spirit in Creation

Paul Taylor December 13th, 2013

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. The Scriptures teach us that God is a Trinity—He is three persons, but one God. I explained this concept in detail, and how the doctrine is reflected in Genesis, in the first chapter of my book, No Time for Itching Ears.

Comedian Making Fun of Evolution?

Eric Hovind October 16th, 2013

Reasons for Hope Conference

HarbourShoresCarl Kerby’s Reasons for Hope Conference is THIS weekend, October 18-19! I will be speaking with Carl Kerby, Carl Kerby, Jr., Mike Riddle, Juan Valdes, Diana Waring, and Nazareth. Location for this potentially life-changing event is Harbor Shores Baptist Church, 8011 E 216th, Cicero, Indiana 46034, (800) 552-4673. This speaker lineup looks absolutely amazing. They even have a comedian in the program. I hope he makes fun of evolution, but something tells me that we, speakers won’t be exempt from the “fun!” If you know of anyone around the Indianapolis, Indiana area, please encourage them to come to this conference. It promises to be entertaining, educational, and spiritually reviving! Register at

TLC’s Duggar Family Endorses Genesis 3D!

Eric Hovind October 7th, 2013

The Duggar Family from TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting Endorses Genesis 3D


Genesis 3D Makes Front Page of The Blaze

Eric Hovind September 27th, 2013

What! Genesis 3D on the front page of The Blaze

Genesis 3D Movie Update!

Eric Hovind September 27th, 2013

Genesis 3D PosterSeptember 26, 2013

Genesis 3D Movie Update!

Mega Conference – Stupendous!

Eric Hovind July 29th, 2013

AiG Mega Conference – Stupendous!

Creation Today Tables at MegaConference

Eighteen Foot Rex Hits Sevierville, Tennessee at the AiG Mega Conference Registration!

Eric Hovind July 22nd, 2013

We are enjoying the Creation Conference

AiG Mega Conference bursting with excitement in the packed auditorium!

AiG Mega Conference bursting with excitement in the packed auditorium!