Green Acres, Reimagined

Eric Hovind February 26th, 2012

Tonight I watched a couple of TV specials on organic farming versus Genetically Modified (GM) foods. I have heard quite a bit about both the negative and positives of GM foods and find myself fascinated with the topic. The scientific breakthroughs that have made it possible to take an isolated gene of an animal or insect and splice that gene into a plant is a really neat science experiment all by itself and, while I don’t have all my questions answered concerning GM food from the special, I did find myself feeling incredibly connected to the idea of growing my own food. Farm after farm, I watched as people picked, dug up, and harvested beautiful fruits and vegetables that grew in their own soil. I couldn’t help but think that, from the beginning of time, God has given man the great blessing of working in the dirt. Remember, Genesis 2:5 tells us that God put man in the Garden of Eden to dress it and keep it. W-O-R-K is not a four-letter word with a negative meaning. Work was part of God’s original plan; it was not part of the curse, despite what you and I might want to believe.

Chinese Language Goes Back to Genesis

Eric Hovind October 8th, 2010

The Discovery of Genesis

You may say that I am reading between the lines here, but the evidence gathered to show that the Chinese language goes back to Genesis is astonishing. The research began in the 1920′s and 30′s by Pastor C. H. Kang. It was during a hospital visit with a very intelligent woman that Pastor Kang was confronted with the theory of evolution. Feeling embarrassed that he did not have the scientific evidence to show support for the Creation account, Pastor Kang remembered a footnote in a Mandarin textbook that was used by a missionary.The Chinese character for the word “ship” was a combination of three symbols; vessel, eight, and mouth. Putting these three characters together formed the word “boat.” Over the next 40 years, the research and thoughts would be put into book form and today the book The Discovery of Genesis contains dozens of examples of how the truths of Genesis are found hidden in the Chinese language.