A Foundational Teaching

Eric Hovind February 22nd, 2013

Paul Taylor and I recently had the privilege of interviewing Ken Ham while he was speaking at a creation event in Mobile, Alabama. Our interview with Ken will be aired on an upcoming Creation Today Show episode. Ken has been involved in creation ministry for the past 35 years. He has watched our culture’s morality erode right out from under us and he understands exactly what the battle is really about.

Have you seen the Creation Today program yet?

Eric Hovind November 27th, 2012

Some of you still might not be aware of our new production, Creation Today.
Every week, Paul Taylor and I sit down to answer a few questions about creation vs. evolution, dinosaurs and the Bible, the age of the Earth, and whatever other topics we can tackle in a thirty minute format. It’s really up to you and what questions YOU decide to send in. If you’d like to know the answer to something, just send it into us at We’d be more than happy to use it in one of our broadcasts.
Currently, we’re in the middle of our 2nd season BUT you can check out ALL of season 1 on our youtube channel RIGHT NOW!!!
How great is that?!?!
Take a look at some of what we’ve done. We’d love to get your feedback to find out how we can go about producing an even better show as we move forward with our 2nd season. Let us know what you think.

The Most Embarrassing Question Ever

Eric Hovind September 12th, 2012

I remember the first time I was asked the dreaded question in a public arena. I had flown out to California to speak in the large Calvary Chapel of about 4,000 people, with a question-and-answer time afterwards. I had just spoken on lies in the textbooks and covered the idea that vestigial organs are not proof of evolution. After answering several questions, it was an outspoken evolutionist in the back of the auditorium that raised his hand and asked the dreaded question:

What have creationists done for science?

Eric Hovind May 26th, 2011

Creationists hear this type of argument all the time, “What have creationists done for science?”  I remember researching this a while back and coming across a list from  I wanted to simply list it out here in this blog for you to see. Feel free to go to the article and to the rest of their site to see what is happening over there.

Wouldn’t the world be overpopulated if Adam and Eve had not sinned?

Dr. Kent Hovind September 27th, 2010

Q: Wouldn’t the world be overpopulated if Adam and Eve had not sinned?

Feedback Friday 8/27/2010

Eric Hovind August 27th, 2010

Feedback Friday Vlog

Science vs the Scientific Method

Die writes in on the blog “Six Meanings of Evolution”:

How Do We Decide?

Eric Hovind August 23rd, 2010

There are lots of opinions in the world about who is right and who is wrong on any subject. Richard Dawkins interviews Wendy Write for a video entitled “The Genius of Charles Darwin,” and was making the claim that there is overwhelming evidence to show that Evolutionism is the right view over Creationism.  As always, Dawkins touted that “Science” was on his side: After all, he says, look at all the church leaders that believe in Evolutionism!

Friday Feedback for 8/20/2010

Eric Hovind August 20th, 2010

Today’s Friday feedback comes from two comments on two different blogs.  It will be in the form of a Video Blog, or VLOG! Sounds exciting, wonder if it will catch on?