Chick-Fil-A’s Coals of Fire

Eric Hovind August 2nd, 2012

Tolerance Trumps

After finishing my meal last night at Chick-fil-A with my family, we had a chance to talk with the owner’s wife. She told us some of the facts about how much food they had gone through and how they were running all over the place trying to get more food to feed the people that were coming to support them. Sitting across from me was Steve, our social media manager at Creation Today. He had been there earlier during the lunch rush, if you can even call it a rush. When the line stays out the door all day long, is there really one part of the day that you can call a rush? Anyway, while he was there for lunch, he saw that someone was protesting in a unique way outside Chick-fil-A. They wore a cow costume and brandished a sign that read “God hates fags.” We asked her how corporate policy advised them to handle the protester and she replied that they simply were going to love them. She told us that they had gone out and offered free food and water to the person protesting.

Save a Stork

Eric Hovind January 14th, 2011

Just watched a video that blew me away. I have had the privilege of standing in front of an abortion clinic, asking women to reconsider the decision they are making.  This concept immediately grabbed my attention and I wanted to share it with you.

Government Master Card

Eric Hovind December 15th, 2010

I just love the new Government Master Card. It is a great way to get a conversation started about the truth of Godonomics. An economy not based on God’s ways inevitably leads to problems.

Cruel Logic

Eric Hovind November 8th, 2010

Check out a video that puts the worldview of a nonbeliever into perspective. It’s a clip from  “Cruel Logic.”  In the five minutes it takes to view, it will show those who argue for the idea that there are no absolutes where that leads. I know you will enjoy this one!

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice!

Dr. Kent Hovind November 2nd, 2010

The division in this country is not Democrat versus Republican or liberal versus conservative. The real division is given in Proverbs 29:2: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn.” It’s not about electing conservatives; we need godly people to be elected at all levels of government. Then, we need to hold them to the Constitution in the same way that God’s law dictated what Israel could do and how to run their county.

Did Darwin Inadvertently Endorse Murder?

Eric Hovind October 15th, 2010

Let’s talk facts. In 1859, Charles Darwin claimed that if his evolution theory were true, there would be lots of evidence. A decade after his bold statement in writing, no evidence had been found. In 1869, Ernst Haeckel introduced a series of drawings that showed a human embryo going through the stages of evolution. Evolutionists relied heavily on this single work as proof of their theory. Darwin himself considered this to be one of the best pieces of evidence for evolution at the time.

America’s Precious Right—The Vote

Eric Hovind August 9th, 2010

Today is the start of early voting for those of us in Florida. So, I started thinking: Have you ever experienced one of those times when something happens and it’s not funny, but you laugh hysterically? At the birthday party I attended on Saturday a little two-year-old boy named Sean walked right in front of a nine-year-old boy swinging on a swing. The swing was at just the right height to perform a clothesline style move better than WWF fans have ever seen. Let’s just say little Sean was not a happy camper after that experience, but surprisingly it wasn’t one minute later that he was laughing and having fun again, ready to run back in front of the same swing. Thankfully his mother was there to make sure that didn’t happen.


Eric Hovind August 4th, 2010

I have been thinking a lot about our Government and the economy from watching “Godonomics” with Chad Hovind. Godonomics is about more than just economics, party lines and where we as a nation are headed. It makes a strong case for incentive as well. Why do we work? Why do we do anything, for that matter? It all comes down to incentive. Some people have asked me: “Why do you travel and preach?” Well, even in God’s spiritual economy, it comes down to incentive. I look forward to the day when the Master Himself says, “Well done, good and faithful servant! Come and share your master’s happiness!” (Matthew 25:21)