We know that God uses His creation message to change lives! If you or someone you love has been positively affected by our ministry, we’d love to hear from you. Please use the form to submit your testimony to us. We covet your stories and look forward to hearing about all of the ways that God is working in your life!

Recent Testimonies

  • I have been out preaching on the college campuses of Yale and University of Connecticut. I used your material to confound the atheists and skeptics on campus. Who would have thought seven years ago when I was given a copy of your then-VHS tapes, that I would get right with God and someday be using the material to reach others on college campuses!

    —Jeremy from Connecticut

  • I'll always remember the way your teachings helped me stand strong in the faith as a public high school student. Thank you! Thought you would want to know that I served as a missionary to South Africa and now continue to minister in the U.S.

    —Stephen from South Africa and the U.S.

  • Thank you, Eric, for providing videos about the proof of God. This has been invaluable for strengthening my faith in God! My focus has been so internal and selfish, but I'm answering your challenge. I want to do God's work now more than I ever have, and I credit that to you speaking the truth. God is real! There's just no way around it!

    —Beth from Texas

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